POLS 150: Current World Problems Fall 2011, Ohio University

Exams and Exam Format

The exams for this course are scheduled on October 13 and November 17.

The exam format will be identical for both exams, with a total of 75 possible points. Each will cover one unit of course material (the final will not be comprehensive).  The learning objectives for each unit should serve as your study guide.

Each exam will require you to:

  • Identify and contextualize 3 key persons, events, or concepts (the “ID” questions) in four or five sentences (15 points)
  • Respond to one (of a possible two) short answer questions on a specific idea or argument covered in lecture and the readings, in two to three paragraphs (20 points)
  • Respond to one essay that requires you to synthesize all of the material from the unit into a coherent explanation and argument, and that includes your own (reasoned and evidentiarily supported) opinion on the matter (40 points).