POLS 1500: Themes in Global Politics Ohio University, Dr.Brandon Kendhammer

Where Does My Grade Come From?

Students in this course are assessed on their performance on three different types of assignments/exams, listed below (for a total of 400 points). Due dates are listed below and in the course schedule.

  1. Online Reading Quizzes (100 points total, 10 points per quiz)
  2. Three in-class Exams (100 points per exam, 300 points total)

Grading Scale

The following final point totals will be converted to the following letter grades at the end of the quarter. Please note that "But I'm one/two points away from an A (A-...B+...etc.)..." will not be considered valid grounds for the adjustment of this scale. I do reserve the right to lower the scale (i.e. to reduce the number of points required for an A) as the semester proceeds, but will never raise it.

  • 400-350 points = A
  • 349-340 points = A-
  • 339-330 points = B+
  • 329-315 points = B
  • 314-305 points = B-
  • 304-295 points = C+
  • 294-280 points = C
  • 279-265 points = C-
  • 264-241 points = D
  • Below 240 points = F

If you wish to "calculate" your grade as we go, it's possible to get a rough picture by taking the total number of points you have earned at any given moment and dividing by the total number of points attempted. Unofficial grades will be made available on Blackboard, but are subject to change/modification. In all instances, the professor's gradebook is the final grade record.