POLS 150: Current World Problems Fall 2011, Ohio University

Online Reading Quizzes

The online reading quizzes will require you to demonstrate that you have completed the reading assignments in a timely manner, and that you have been attentive not only to the broad strokes of the author's arguments but the details, as well. There will be one on-line quiz (through Blackboard) for each class meeting after our introductory session (except for test days and the session cancelled for group meetings), or seventeen (17) in total. Each will involve four (4) multiple-choice questions. The quizzes will become available on Blackboard at 11:30 AM the day before class, and will close at 11:30 AM the day of class.  Each quiz may be taken only once,and they may not be made up or taken late.

The Blackboard website for OU students may be found here (Blackboard).  Please navigate to "Current World Problems," and then select "Reading Quizzes" from the left-hand menu.

You must complete 13 of the 17 reading quizzes over the course of the quarter.  Your overall grade will be based on the total number of correct answers you submit in those 13 quizzes , out of 50 possible points (since there are 52 possible quiz questions, a "perfect" score gives you a two point bonus).  Your grade will be calculated on the first 13 quizzes you begin (which is how Blackboard records these things--it is not possible to "check" the questions before you officially begin the quiz).  You cannot take extra quizzes beyond your required 13 for extra credit, and you may not substitute the score of a 14th, 15th, 16th, or 17th quiz for one on which you did poorly.  Because you may miss 4 quizzes with no penalty, there will be no-make ups or alternate assignments, and no excuses related to technological gaffes or failures will be accepted.  You are expected to have access to a working computer and a stable, reliable internet connection for this class.  A sample will be provided on Blackboard to demonstrate the format and the procedures for completing each quiz. To repeat: the score you earn for the first 13 quizzes you begin is the score you will earn, with no exceptions.